Covid-19 News

USD ~12.3 billion budget to mitigate Covid-19 pandemic

Sri Mulyani, Finance Minister, announced the state budget’s allocation of IDR 173.3 trillion (US$ ~12.3 billion) to mitigate the Covid-19 pandemic, doubling from the 2020 pandemic mitigation budget of IDR 63.5 trillion. According to official reports, the budget will be

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Policy/Regulation News

Indonesian government welcomes investments

Following the Presidential Regulation No.10 of 2021, the Indonesian government now considers the ‘Ínvestment Business Sector’ as a Priority Business field to accelerate investments and job creation. The key eligibility criteria is based on alignment with national strategic programs and

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Start up News

UK-Indonesia’s Tech Hub Program

Indonesia continues to strengthen its bilateral relations with the UK through the UK-Indonesia Tech Hub program launched in September 2019. It aims to promote tech startups that address a number of global issues, including climate change and cybersecurity, given the

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Macro News

2021 State Budget

Indonesia plans to double the 2021 state budget for the national economic recovery program (PEN) by allocating IDR 699 trillion (US$~50 billion). The budget includes the following allocations: 25% to the health sector, 22% to social services such as food

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