Climate And Green News

UN Climate change report, Code Red for the earth’s future

The effects of climate change are increasingly apparent. The United Nations climate panel report warned that the Earth’s temperature has increased by 1.1 degrees Celsius since the 19th century. If there are no significant reductions in carbon emissions from now,

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Fintech News

Supporting MSMEs digitize during the pandemic

As small businesses (“MSMEs”) are increasingly turning to digital solutions to operate, fintechs are working hard to effectively reach the MSME segment. Latest national data reveals that 11.7 million MSMEs have entered the digital ecosystem, as of early 2021. The

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Covid-19 News

Fintechs anticipating rise of Non-Performing Loans

Non-performing loans for fintech lenders have increased in the midst of the lockdowns, or “PPKM”. OJK data shows that non-performing loans (NPLs) increased from 1.32% in March to 1.54% in May. Therefore, fintech lenders are managing the credit risk in

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SME News

Jokowi distributes cash assistance to MSMEs

President Joko Widodo is distributing cash assistance (“BPUM”) to micro enterprise owners of US$ 80 (IDR 1.2 million). The total allocated budget for BPUM is US$ 1 billion (IDR 15.3 trillion), with plans to reach 12.8 million micro businesses throughout

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