There has been an increase in partnerships between peer-to-peers (P2P) and rural banks (BPRs), in line with OJK’s recent guidelines for cooperation between the two market actors to lend to MSMEs. Amartha, P2P, has recently partnered with BPR Hariarta Sedana to channel business capital loans with a funding commitment of up to US$ ~7 million (IDR 100 billion). The partnership can expand the BPR Hariata Sedana’s reach to the ultra-micro segment through Amartha’s reach. Amartha is able to access affordable capital. Another P2P, Modalku, engages in channelling partnerships with several rural banks such as PT BPR Varia Central Artha (Bank Varia), PT BPR Bekasi Binatanjung Makmur (BPR BBTM), and PT BPR Sukawati Pancakanti (BPR Kanti) to lend to MSME sector. P2P Modalku’s CEO, Reynold Wijaya, added that BPRs have an operational advantage (to commercial banks) in rural areas to effectively serve MSMEs.  

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