Jakarta, January 2024. In an exciting partnership, Nikel and U.S. Agency for International
Development (“USAID”), proudly introduce, Bu Mira, the business partner who will help
Women-SMEs grow their business through education modules, financial tools and loan
applications, all through WhatsApp. Bu Mira is a central component of the Financial Inclusion for Women-SMEs in Indonesia (“Finclusion”) program, a program dedicated to empowering W- SMEs on their journey to business success.

This program is set to transform the landscape for W-SMEs across Indonesia, supporting the Government of Indonesia (“GOI”) vision of achieving 30 percent of bank loans for the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (“MSME”) by 2024.

Bu Mira is more than a chatbot – she’s a business partner who will help women entrepreneurs grow their business. Our overarching goal with Bu Mira is to empower women entrepreneurs to learn key skills, utilize our financial tools, and gain access to affordable financing for business growth. We believe in the potential of every W-SME in Indonesia, and with Bu Mira, we are committed to turning those dreams into a reality. Bu Mira invites women entrepreneurs to connect with her on WhatsApp or visit https://finclusion.id.

With Bu Mira, we hope to help W-SMEs learn the key skills, leverage our financial tools and gain access to affordable financing to grow their businesses. “W-SMEs play a vital role in Indonesia’s economic resilience and recovery, comprising almost half of small and medium enterprise owners,” said USAID Indonesia Acting Mission Director Erin Nicholson. “USAID’s collaboration with Nikel will expand private sector capacity while prioritizing investment in women’s economic empowerment.”

“Bu Mira is more than just a chatbot, she is a partner for every W-SME. We believe in the
potential of every W-SME in Indonesia, and with Bu Mira, we are here to make those dreams a reality.” said Reinier Musters, President Director of Nikel.

For more information, contact:
Yi Qin, Nikel, yiqin@nikel.com
Mispan Indarjo, USAID, mindarjo@usaid.gov

About Nikel
Nikel is an embedded lender. We provide end-to-end lending solutions to banks and
technology companies in Southeast Asia.

USAID is the lead U.S. Government agency that works to promote and demonstrate
democratic values and advance a free, peaceful and prosperous world. Through international development programs and disaster assistance, USAID partners to save lives, reduce poverty,
strengthen democratic governance, and help people emerge from humanitarian crises.

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